Community of Pioneers (New Frontiers)

Leider and Webber (2013) point out that while we all have individual journeys to enter into, the key is not to go it alone. If there is a desire to take up a new challenge, then it is important to have others alongside that will offer direction, provide constructive feedback, and give support and encouragement along the way. It is essential to establish relationships that are sustaining. It is important to become part of a community where there are shared values.

In building a community of support it might be necessary to sever some relationships. In moving towards change people who are negative, constantly pessimistic, and focused only on their own needs will not be helpful to the journey. Rather, you need people who are listeners, who will offer constructive challenges, who will be mentors, and who will hold you accountable for the actions you are taking (or not taking). There is a need to join with likeminded people (a community of pioneers) and move forward toward new possibilities.


Leider, R.J. & Webber, A.M. (2013). Life reimagined: Discovering your new life possibilities. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler.